Q. What is the fee for browsing the listings?
A There is never a fee for browsing.


Q: What is the fee for posting a listing?
A: There is never a fee for posting a basic ad with no photos. Every 60 days we will email you a reminder to renew your ad.


Q: What is the fee for a featured ad?
A: If you choose the Featured Package which enables your ad to be highlighted in the listings and rotated through the HOME page, there is a fee of $35.00 for each 60-day period. This is always optional. You will never be billed unless you select this option. 


Q: Is there a commission fee if I rent or sell my office space.
A: No. You will not be charged a commission fee if you find a renter or buyer for your office space. The only fees are the listing fees.


Q: Will individuals reading my listing know my e-mail address?
A: When you post your listing, you will be given the option to have us anonymize your e-mail address. If you select this option, only PsychOffice.net will know your e-mail address. Responses to your listing will be e-mailed to your e-mailbox, but the writer will not be aware of that address as it will be “scrambled” in your listing.


Q: What if I only want telephonic responses to my listing?
A: You can opt for no-email responses. Simply enter your contact telephone number in the space provided and select “no e-mail reply-to” when posting your listing.

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